FreeROI is a toolbox specially designed to define region of interest (ROI) for neuroimaging data analysis.
Several noteworthy features make FreeROI well-suited for ROI making, including:

  • A wealth of manual editing tools which enable users to reliably and efficiently creating ROIs manually
  • Integrate a variety of image processing algorithms which enable user to define ROI semi-automatically or automatically in large samples
  • Support both Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Support multiple platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows XP/7
  • Freely available to the neuroimaging community

Also, FreeROI is currently under active development in the BAA project, the following features are coming:

  • Automatic ROI definition based on machine learning framework
  • Advanced statistical analysis of ROI characteristics
  • Surface based ROI definition and analysis

For more details, please visit the website of FreeROI.

For any advices and suggestions, please contact Dr. Zonglei Zhen (