Working Memory

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  • Introduction

Activity atlas for working memory, including bilateral superior parietal lobule (SPL), precuneus (PCUN), frontal eye field (FEF), middle frontal gyrus (MFG), anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), insular (INS), and frontal pole (FP).

  • Data acquisition

Block design, 2 conditions (1-back and 2-back), 2 runs (336s), 2 blocks per condition per run, 3T scanner, TR = 2 second, 168 volumes per run.

  • Contrast of interest

2-back vs. 1-back.

  • Reference and Citation

WM atlas: Chen, C., Zhang, Y., Zhen, Z., Song, Y., Hu, S., & Liu, J. (2021). Quantifying the variability of neural activation in working memory: A functional probabilistic atlas. NeuroImage, 239, 118301.