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  • Introduction

This package contains individual fusiform face areas (pFus-faces and mFus-faces) of 1080 participants from HCP-Young Adult project, and their probabilistic maps and maximum probability maps. Even more, we also split the strip-like fusiform face complex (FFC) in the HCP MMP Atlas (Glasser et al., 2016) into the two regions (i.e. pFus-faces and mFus-faces). What’s more, all these maps are provided in both 32k_fs_LR and fsaverage spaces.

  • Data acquisition

Blocked design, 4 conditions (faces, places, tools and body parts), 2 runs, 8 task blocks (10 trials of 2.5 s each; half uses the 2-back and the other half uses the 0-back working memory task, and a 2.5 s cue indicates the task type at the start of a block) per run, 4 fixation blocks (15 s each) per run, 3T scanner, TR = 720 ms, 405 volumes per run.

  • Contrast of interest

face vs. others, or, face vs. avg.

  • Reference and Citation

To be done.

  • Figures