Object recognition

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  • Introduction

Activity atlas for object recognition (category specific representations), including face-selective regions (FSR), scene-selective regions?(SSR) and object-selective regions (OSR)

  • Data acquisition

Blocked design, passive view of dynamic movie clip, 4 conditions (faces, places, tools and scramble objects), 3 runs, 2 blocks per?condition per run(18s each), 6 clips per run, 3 fixation block per run(18s), 3T scanner, TR =2sec, 99 volumes per run.

  • Contrast of interest

Faces vs. objects for FSR, scenes vs. objects for SSR, objects vs. scramble objects for OSR and motion vs. fixation for MSR;

  • References and Citation

FSR atlas: Zhen, Z., Yang, Z., Huang, L., Kong, X.-z., Wang, X., Dang, X., Huang, Y., Song, Y., Liu, J. (2015) Quantifying interindividual variability and asymmetry of face-selective regions: A probabilistic functional atlas. NeuroImage, 113:13-25.

SSR atlas: Zonglei Zhen, Xiang-zhen Kong ,Zetian Yang, Lijie Huang, Xu Wang, Xiaobin Dang , Yangyue Huang , Yiying Song & Jia Liu, : Quantifying the Variability of Scene-selective Regions: Interindividual, Interhemispheric and Sex Differences. Human Brain Mapping, 38:2260-2275.